SlabMarket is a universal portal for fabricators to purchase large orders of slabs straight from the quarry while the transaction is handled by a reputable and trusted source known as At the same time, it allows quarry’s to sell natural stone slabs to smaller fabricators previously unknown to them.

No, this service is free of charge for both parties. Our goal is to bring together the natural stone industry so that the quarry and fabricator can save time and money.

All Granite and Marble is responsible for the creation of SlabMarket. We are the largest fabricator and direct importer of natural stone in the Northeastern United States for over ten years.

For an overview on how to buy slabs through SlabMarket please read: How to buy slabs"

For an overview on how to sell slabs please read: "How to sell slabs"

All Granite and Marble has long lasting relationships with the most prestigious quarries from all over the world. We are located in the United States (Tri-State area) and are here to stay. We are known throughout the industry as a trusted and reputable company. We guarantee that your transaction is safe in our hands.

You don't have to worry about the paperwork and transfer of legal documents! All customs, tax, duty, carrier's charges, broker's fees, ect... will be handled by us. Importing stone can easily be a legal nightmare but one of our missions is to make the process hassle-free

The reason for SlabMarket is so fabricators may buy large quantities of slabs directly from overseas quarries and save money from buying in bulk. Technically you may only buy a bundle (around 7 slabs) but it is going to very impractical and expensive. You would be charged for shipping and carrier charges of having a filled container. There is also less risk of the slabs cracking if the container is full

We require a 50% deposit to be wired electronically after the chosen slabs are confirmed and approved. The remaining balance is to be paid when the transport ship leaves the harbor. We will constantly update you on the progress of the order.

Generally it takes anywhere between one to two months from confirmation of order to arrival at destination.

We keep the quarries anonymous to create a competitive pricing atmosphere. Each quarry is assigned a number and they are distinguished by the number of colors available and country of origin.

Warehouses sell their product at an up marked price, often more than 100% higher. For example, if they buy a color for $5 a square foot, it is usually sold at $10 a square foot or more. SlabMarket is able to offer you the original quarry price at a very nominal charge.

Yes, we are able to provide transportation from the harbor to your destination of business. However, the transportation charge is not included in the price for the container. SlabMarket calculates the delivery charge once all information on destination is acquired, as it is done at a door-to-door basis whereas we must find transportation locally from the harbor to your place.

In addition to detailed photographs with close-ups of the exact bundles you will be receiving, you may also request samples to be mailed. This way the texture and pattern will be physically displayed.

We ask that you pick all of your slabs from the same quarry. It is easier to ship out the material this way as the slabs do not have to come from all over the world to form one shipment.

No, you may set the option to “Inquire for Price”. In this case the buyer will have to contact SlabMarket to find out the price of the stone.

SlabMarket offers a sophisticated online tracking service that periodically updates the location of the shipment until it reaches the harbor. Follow this link: Order tracking.

No warranty, expressed or implied is provided with purchases from SlabMarket.

There is a chance that the stone might be in another quarry, and we conveniently placed a tab in the description to show if it is available anywhere else, so make sure to take a look!

By selling slabs through SlabMarket you will be reaching an audience of smaller fabricators that would have never heard of your quarry otherwise.

When the slabs are being transported supports and bracing are used to make sure the slabs do not break, crack or shift around.

There are two types of slabs – commercial and premium. Commercial slabs may have some imperfections and uneven color distribution. Premium quality slabs are of the highest standard in the natural stone industry, they are generally uniform in color and pattern.