How to Buy Slabs...

From a Quarry

  • Huge savings! No wholesalers!
  • No Paperwork! We handle all documents!
  • Choose from over 200 quarries in the world!
  • Top Quality Slabs - we put our name on it!
  • User friendly interface

Buying Stone Slabs from a Quarry in 4 easy steps:

Building a Container

  • Find the stone
  • Select the thickness and quantity
  • Add to the container
  • Repeat until container is full

Placing the Order

  • Confirm your order by phone (we will call)
  • Agree to the total cost (now including shipping)
  • Approve photos of slabs sent by the quarry
  • Wire the deposit to us

Transfer of Legal Documents

  • Relax and enjoy teh document-free importing!

Shipping Process

  • Slabs packaged into the container and shipped to the harbor
  • You get notified of the estimated delivery date
  • Slabs arrive at a US harbor and get customs clearance
  • Your order arrives at the location you specified

More Details:

It's a well known fact - buying in bulk results in lower cost per unit. While it is required to invest a larger sum of money initially, buying slabs directly from the quarries can pay off greatly in the long run. The purchasing process itself is fast, safe and easy. It guarantees the best possible quality of the material, competitive pricing and an enormous selection - all because our slab market consists of hundreds of the most respected quarries all over the world. If there is a color that you're looking for, and you don't find it here - it probably doesn't exist!

Building a Container

The first step of purchasing slabs through our Slab Market™, is to choose a color, or colors of stone that you want to buy. There are a few ways to do it, but most commonly, you will use the search tool found in the left pane of the main page. You can search by various criteria: Name, Color, Region, Type, etc. When you have found the stones that you wish to purchase, simply click on the name and review the detailed information about the stone. If the stone satisfies your needs, select the required thickness and input the number of slabs needed or the required square footage. Next, click on the "Add to Container" button. The selected stone will be added to the Container. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with your order. Please keep in mind that a single container can only hold slabs from one quarry. If a quarry has more than one colors available, you can have more than one color in a container (but only if all of the stone is from the same quarry). You need to have at least one full bundle of each color. Also remeber that in order to complete an order you are required to order minimum of 6 bundles.

Placing the Order

Immediately after placing the order, we will contact you to confirm your selection. We will calculate the costs of shipping and confirm the total price. Once that is complete, we will send you the photos of the exact slabs you will be getting (whole slab, medium close up, and macro shots). When you approve the slabs, we will collect a 50% deposit via wire transfer. We will then start the shipment process.

Transfer of Legal documents

Importing stone can be a legal nightmare. But it doesn't have to be. You don't have to worry about the paperwork! All customs, tax, duty, carrier's charges, broker's fees, ect... will be handled by us. You will be notified about the progress of your shipment on a constant basis. First, slabs will be packaged into a container and transported to the harbor. After the customs clear the container, it will be loaded onto the ship. We will notify you of the estimated date of arrival. When the container is unloaded in the destination harbor, it will go through the US Customs. Only after it has been cleared, we will require the remaining balance. We will arrange the transport of the container to your location and provide you the exact date when your slabs will arrive.