How to Sell Slabs...

Selling Stone Slabs in 3 easy steps:

Register Your Company

  • Provide information about your company
  • Specify your shipping port
  • Verify your account

Add Your Slabs

  • List your inventory
  • Add photos of your slabs

Order Processing

  • Photograph the ordered bundle
  • Package the slabs into a container
  • Transport the container to the port of origin

More Details:

With the use of our Slab Market™ you can reach new clients. The smaller fabricators are often deterred by high cost of importing and the complicated legal process. Slab Market™ enables them to import your slabs without the hassles of handling shipping and customs paperwork.

Register Your Company

First you will need to register your company with us. It's a simple process that lets us get to know you better and see what you have to offer. Once you fill out the online form, we will verify the information you have provided and activate your account.

Add Your Slabs

By clicking the "Add slabs" button, you can enter the various types and colors of slabs that you offer. Keep in mind that various thicknesses should be listed under the same entry. If you have more than one size of a slab in a particular color, list it separately. It is required to attach photographs of the slabs. When you are done, your slabs will be available for purchase.

Ordering Process

When an order is placed for your slabs, we will first contact the buyer and verify his needs. We will then place the order with you. You will be required to photograph the bundles being sent. This is a mandatory step. When packaging the slabs, do not place any stickers or marking that bear your company's name or logo. Failure to comply with this rule is grounds for removal from the Slab Market™.